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The sky was a monochrome gray as small droplets of sleet pelted down. On days like this one, it seems natural, even necessary, to prioritize function over fashion. But, this Fashionista proves that you do not have to sacrifice one for the other. Her secret? Layers. We have all heard it before, but it cannot be reiterated enough. By layering basics with a statement piece, you can achieve the difficult balance of looking fashionable, while still maintaining functionality. I especially like this Fashionista’s tartan shawl collar sweater paired with her bright red vest.

Name: Diana Cote

Major: Finance and Marketing

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What brands are you wearing?

Diana Cote: My vest is Calvin Klein, my sweater is Ralph Lauren, my leggings are from Express and my glasses are made by Ray-Ban.

CF: What are your favorite stores to shop at and why?

DC: Basically anywhere that I can find great deals, but especially Forever 21 and Bloomingdale’s. I don’t like spending too much money on one item unless I know it’s something that I’ll wear often!

CF: Given how terrible the weather has been lately, how do you manage to stay warm and also look fashionable?

DC: I definitely lean towards a lot of layers. Like today, I wore a black long sleeve shirt, a sweater and a vest, and I was just as warm as anyone else! I didn’t even bring my puffy coat to BC because I don’t like the feeling of getting overwhelmingly hot as soon as I step into the classroom after semi-sprinting to class (especially if it’s a 9 a.m.) and then looking disheveled.

CF: What do you think is the world’s most fashionable city? 

DC: Not being biased, I would have to say Paris (I studied abroad there). Every single lady has her own unique and creative style, incorporating the occasional trendy accessories that you will see repeatedly (when I was there all the girls had boots with studs on the side). I think my favorite foreign trend was actually the “au naturel” look paired with red lips and a dark outfit.

How To: The first step to achieving this Fashionista’s look is to create a foundation of warm basics, like this V-neck Halogen sweater or Gap’s basic crewneck sweater. Next, layer louder, colorful pieces to add warmth and style. Vests are a great way to top off an outfit; check out this spring-like pink vest from Zara.


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