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Most people base a wardrobe around current trends and styles that catch their eye. They find inspiration from fashion blogs, runways shows or celebrities. However, every once in a while a Fashionista can be found who lets her style flow into all aspects of her personality. She not only struts her stuff in the defining clothes of the label, but lets it affect the music she listens to, blogs she looks at and even her overall outlook on life.

I found a Fashionista who fully dives into a gothic style identity. Goth is a label that has been around practically forever but has slightly developed over time. It’s even slowly emerging into mainstream culture (I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen grunge or Goth blogs pop up on my dash). This Fashionista tries to stray away from these stereotypical trends and let her own personality blend with the gothic identity into a wardrobe that is seeping with individuality.

Name: Desira Miller

Major: American Studies

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Can you tell me what you’re wearing today?

Desira Miller: I got my shoes at Journeys, my white shirt and pants from Urban Outfitters and my black shirt from Forever 21.

CF: How would you describe your overall wardrobe?

DM: Definitely Goth.  Everything is black or white, fake leather or studded and spiky. I also really like long draped clothes.

CF: Does your wardrobe still develop with the different trends or do you try to avoid those?

DM: There are Goth trends but they’re not mainstream.  When most people think Goth they think Hot Topic. I hate that. Goth is NOT Hot Topic. I pretty much get my inspiration from Tumblr.

CF: How do you transition your wardrobe with this crazy Indiana weather?

DM: Goth is perfect for winter. Summer is mostly what I have to transition to because, as weird as it sounds, winter is scary so everything fits the look I go for. There’s nothing shadowy about summer. I try to wear things that still fit my style but I won’t die from the heat in. I wear a lot of sheer tights, black shorts and a top that will keep me cool.

CF: Any suggestions for others trying to adopt the Goth style?

DM: Stay away from Hot Topic, listen to death metal and hip-hop and look at album art. Put your mind in the mindset of scary shadowy stuff and your clothes will match.

How To: The main characteristic of the Gothic trend is wearing black, which can end up a little flat if done the wrong way. Make sure if you attempt an all black outfit to play with textures like Desira did in her shirts. Layering is also always a good option to add depth. Daredevils who try this trend are also in luck because in the fashion world studded clothes are a hot commodity. If you’re looking for Goth with a sexy spin, there are a lot of options on Black Milk Clothing. Try this draped bodysuit with some black leather pants or tights. Complete the look with some classic Creepers or Dr. Martens.


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