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With the longer, brighter days up here in Binghamton, students are ditching the dark tones and wearing brighter colors and prints. It’s important when heading into spring that you stay away from the grays and the blacks and focus on all different colors. Whether it’s outside in the middle of campus or in the library, this Fashionista can always be seen showing off her favorite shades and patterns.

Name: Deena Abramson

Major: Psychology

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Deena Abramson: I like to dress comfy and cute. I don’t try too hard when I get dressed, but I do like to look nice. I get inspiration from the 1950s, because I like high-waisted pieces.  

CF: What is your one go-to article of clothing?

DA: I definitely wear leggings. They are so comfortable, but they still can make an outfit look put together. They go with everything! I find that, when you are studying in the library all day, you don’t want to wear anything constricting, so they are the perfect option!

CF: Describe your approach to shopping.

DA: When I go shopping, I look at whatever attracts my eye— specifically dresses and skirts. I look at the clothes for the season that is coming up to get excited. However, I definitely am a big bargain shopper, because I feel you shouldn’t pay so much for what you wear because style goes in and out.

CF: What spring trend are you looking forward to wearing the most?

DA: I’m really excited for flowery dresses. I find them super comfortable, and in the winter you always have to wear tights to keep warm, but in the spring you can just throw one on and not have to worry about it being too cold. Also flowers resemble spring, so it gets me in the spirit for the warmer weather.

How To: Finding styles that set you a part from others can be difficult in this day and age. Many people are caught up in following the status quo and shop based on what’s popular. To find a similar look to this Fashionista, you need to start off with the right pair of jeans. This Fashionista is a big fan of high-waisted apparel. High-waisted clothing is very versatile, because you can wear shirts tucked in or wear crop tops to accomplish the perfect midriff. Check out a pair like this at Urban Outfitters. The next step is obtaining a shirt that encompasses the spring. This shirt tames the look by being tucked in which works for during the school week. Forever 21 has a great selection of bright patterned tops that are essential for the warm weather. Finally the boots complete the outfit, because although the weather is heating up, it is still breezy out. These boots are good because they aren’t too harsh or heavy for the nicer weather. DSW has a wide assortment of boots.


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