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Lately, Savannah’s weather could not possibly be any more bipolar! A couple of days ago it was hitting about 40 degrees throughout the day and all of a sudden today it rose up to about 80 degrees! So talk about bringing out the shorts and open toed sandals to go to class or to just sit outside and bask in the sun. I caught this Fashionista doing exactly that! She was enjoying her mid-day break by sitting outside and enjoying the temporary warm weather in mixed patterns and cut-off jeans.

Name: Dallion Armeni

Major: Production Design

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What do you love most about getting ready?

Dallion Armeni: I think being able to have the freedom to choose whatever I want to wear. It’s like playing dress up as an adult!

CF: What is your favorite go-to item?

DA: Definitely a cute and colorful cardigan! I’m always cold, so I just throw it on top of my blouses or a sundress.

CF: How would you describe your style?

DA: I would describe my style to be fun, relaxed and colorful. It changes from time to time, but so far this has stuck the longest.

How To: You can recreate this Fashionista’s look for when it becomes cold again by swapping out the jean cutoffs for the trendy baggy boyfriend jeans. You can find some pairs here or here.


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