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Mixing textures and patterns is a trend that has flooded the fashion scene. Tried most often by the bold and the brave, mixing and matching colors, prints and textiles is a style that looks as though it is here to stay. Although achieving this style sounds as if anything goes, putting together a mixed look actually requires some planning and preparation. Check out how this Fashionista struts a textured mix.
Name: Cynthia Spier
Major: Business
Year: Senior
CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?
Cynthia Spier: The cream scarf and black tights I am wearing are from Target. My jacket is from H&M. I picked up these snakeskin leather shorts at Urban Outfitters, and they match the snakeskin print on my Michael Kors bag. The heels I am wearing are from Aldo, and my necklace and sweater are from Francesca’s.
CF: Who is your fashion role model and why?
CS: Miranda Kerr is my fashion role model. She embodies so many different styles—anywhere from leather jackets to elegant sleek black dresses—and she always remains classy.
CF: What would you consider to be your fashion essentials?
CS: Accessories hello! I think that no matter what you wear, if you have the right accessories you can make it look good.
CF: What advice can you offer other Fashionistas about mixing and matching?
CS:  Have fun with it! Don’t be scared to try something different and out of your style comfort zone.
How To: Looking at the carefully selected textures and colors that this Fashionista coordinates, it is evident that time and consideration went into her outfit; she didn’t just throw it together. When creating a mix and match look, it is important to vary the size and scale of the textures and prints being mixed. This Fashionista does it well by pairing a cream and black knit against black leather shorts. With a mix and match outfit, it is also important to select a color scheme. Vibrant textures should be muted by softer colors. Consider the weight and percentage each pattern and color make up of the outfit because mixing and matching is truly a delicate balance. This Fashionista selected black as her color palette and has incorporated it throughout her entire look. To add a pop of print to her mix of textures, as well as a little sparkle, this Fashionista places a snakeskin purse and oversized jeweled necklace with her knit and leather pieces.


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