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This winter, the number one trend I have been seeing is the oversized sweater, perfect for running to class or a casual lunch date. This Fashionista has mastered the ultimate comfortable but chic winter outfit. She dresses up her oversized woven striped sweater with a pair of leather and gold embellished ankle booties. In order to keep warm on this crisp winter day, she is wearing a cropped leather jacket and a woven beanie, the perfect winter accessory. The key to this winter is staying comfortable and warm while still pushing your personal style and this season’s biggest trends.

Name: Corinne Escalera

Major: International Studies Major and Spanish Language and Literature Major

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would your describe your personal style?

Corinne Escalera: My style changes from day to day, but I always have to be comfortable. I tend to look for simple pieces that can stand by themselves because I don’t usually wear accessories. If I don’t feel completely comfortable in something, I just can’t wear it!

CF: What is your favorite trend at the moment?

CE: Oversized sweaters! I love how comfortable and easy they are. I probably have about 20 of them. 

CF: What are the three items in your closet you can’t live without?

CE: I definitely can’t go long without a pair of leggings. I also love layers, so I tend to throw my favorite green and brown scarf on just about any outfit I can. I’d say the third item I can’t live without is a gray Splendid sweater I got a few years ago. It’s really simple but I wear it all the time.

How To: This outfit is all about being comfortable so put on your coziest leggings and warmest oversized sweater. Add a shorter jacket to create some layers within your look, or try a leather jacket to give your outfit a little edge. An embellished pair of ankle boots can dress up your comfy outfit. Now it is time to accessorize your outfit with a woven beanie and a simple pair of studs, this is a great way to pull your whole look together.


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