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Some people give off a naturally cool vibe that can be hard to ignore when they walk by. Now, I’m not saying I’m some kind of coolness expert, but I think it takes some skill to be able to reach such a status. To be cool, one must be unapologetic, geared up with the latest fashion trends and of course, have the right amount of confidence. Being cool also means making a statement without having to say a single a word; that’s certainly what this Fashionista does with her outfit.

Name: Claudia Martinez

Major: Business

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What would you consider the worst fashion faux pas?

Claudia Martinez: UGG boots, of course, and too much glitter.

CF: What inspires your style?  

CM: Fashion blogs. A few of my favorite ones to read are Style Scrapbook, Fake Leather and Karla’s Closet.

CF: What fashion trends are you enjoying the most right now?  

CM: High-waist shorts and floral print.

CF: If you could switch wardrobes with anyone, who would you choose to switch with?  

CM: I would choose either Kendall Jenner or Kylie Jenner. I like their styles and I bet they have huge closets packed with clothes!

How To: In order to be as cool, calm and collected as this Fashionista, you must first make sure you’re rocking the correct trends. For starters, wear a graphic tank top with a pair of distressed denim cut-offs from Forever 21. Don’t forget a pair of statement earrings. To finish off the look, tie up a pair of sneaker wedges from GoJane. You’ll be so cool that you’ll make ice cubes jealous!


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