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Being reunited with the Queens campus after the holiday break is like returning to overnight summer camp. There’s an electricity that only comes with the reunion of old friends, even though most only parted several weeks ago. The energy of the new year goes hand-in-hand with the desire to try new things, including trying out some new styles and taking fashion risks. This Fashionista caught my eye with her eclectic pieces and fiery locks. Despite the piles of snow around, which has left many wandering through the slush in sweatpants, this Fashionista knows that she doesn’t need to lose her personality in her outfit for the sake of comfort. Check her out to learn how, regardless of weather, you can up your game in 2013.

Name: Clarissa Manning

Major: Arts

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Clarissa Manning: The scarf and pants are from American Apparel. My T-shirt is from H&M and my coat is from Aritzia. The shoes are Soft Moc and the mittens are from Dollarama. I sewed them together with a string myself. 

CF: What is your biggest style “Do” and style “Don’t”?

CM: My style “Do” is to wear things that make you happy. For example, my red pants make me the happiest! I can climb and play about in them and they look awesome. It really helps with the whole “It’s how you wear it” idea. If that cat sweater makes you happy, you wear that cat sweater! My style “Don’t” is kind of the opposite: when people dress up and you know they’re uncomfortable. Wearing 6-inch heels that pushes all the blood in your legs to your feet is no fun! It’s not stylish to spend your day having to adjust yourself the entire time. 

CF: What’s your tip for Fashionistas/os shopping on a budget?

CM: Go to second hand stores, but go often. That’s when you find the good stuff, you have to commit! Try going to more unusual thrift shops as well. You’ll find a lot of unique stuff.

How To: To recreate Clarissa’s look, balance the simple and the eclectic. Look for basic pieces that have an interesting twist, like a unique cut or texture. Try pairing a nifty T-shirt with some colourful pants. Invest in a good pair of everyday winter boots, too. Top the whole look off with a warm coat in a flattering neutral that allows you to dress in a way that reflects your personality underneath, regardless of the temperature. Most importantly, take a few risks and find your own definition of cool in 2013.


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