Finals are over and summer is FINALLY here! Pack up your room, have a yummy good-bye dinner with all of your friends, finalize things with your professor and hit the road to whatever summer paradise plan awaits you. BUT FIRST, lets check out this summer ready Fashionista.

Name: Chidima (Chichi) Osuchukwu

Major: Pre-Med

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How do you see your sense of style evolving in the future?

Chidima Osuchukwu: I see my style evolving in a very positive way. I see myself getting bolder with my style choices as I get older. For example, before I would try to incorporate a lot of pieces of jewelry into my outfits, but as I get older I realize that one statement piece can be far more valuable than a lot of other pieces. Also I see less prints and more solid colors as I transition into a working woman when I leave college.

CF: If you could swap closets with one celebrity for a week, who would it be?

CO: If I could trade places with a celebrity for one week it would have to be Khloe Kardashian. She is a tall, curvy woman that really knows how to extenuate her best features. From wearing short, tight fitting dresses for club events, to driving around the city during the day, I feel like her outfits are very versatile, yet unique. I love her and her clothing.

CF: What is your favorite spring trend/what trend are you looking forward to for the summer?

CO: There are a lot of trends that I am excited about this summer. I really like the shirts and skirts that are loosely fitted, they seem to have a very summary feel, which I like a lot. I also see myself wearing a lot of pastels this summer, because I think they are very flattering to my skin tone.

CF: Who is your fashion and style inspiration or icon?

CO: As far as fashion icons go, I don’t really have just one. I like to mix and match different trends and styles to fit my own personal style. For example, I really like Shay Mitchell’s outfits, with Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s shoe line. I also really like the jewelry pieces that Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez wear a lot. I like to think my style is a combination of a lot of different styles, which makes it perfect for me.

How To: This look is super easy and incredibly cute. You can find a low backed leotard from American Apparel and pair it with a colorful and flowy maxi skirt from Zara. Next,  throw on a statement necklace and some cute sandals. Tote…check! Smile…check! Cute outfit…check! You’re ready to go! Have a great summer, Fashionista/os!

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