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In an age when everyone wants to stand out, the idea of sporting neutrals seems preposterous. I’ve heard it too many times before: neutrals are simply boring. It’s like ordering a vanilla cone without any sprinkles or fudge to add a little extra flavor to excite your taste buds. However, as this Fashionista proves, neutrals can be exciting and just as fashion-forward as the latest bold prints. Seeing how this Fashionista cleverly layered her neutrals, which consisted of tan, camel and black, left me in awe. The key here is layering with different textures. Take a look at the ensemble and you’ll notice a cotton blue striped T-shirt peeking out from underneath a classic leather jacket, which is underneath a wool peacoat. Unraveling the outfit is like handling a set of Russian nesting dolls, in which the surprises are continuously revealed one layer after another. This Fashionista continues to illustrate her knack for layering by pairing khaki shorts with black opaque tights, which just goes to show how versatile shorts can be year round. Finally, this Fashionista subtly adds a pop of color with burgundy nail polish, a popular hue for the winter. If there is anything to learn from this Fashionista, it’s that it’s all in the little details.

Name: Chelsea Cruz

Major: Marketing and Finance

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Chelsea Cruz: Many people aren’t surprised when I say I’m from California because I dress like a typical Cali girl. I see it as a compliment. My style isn’t geared to one style at all. However, I am a big fan of basics and prints. Over 50 percent of my closet is comprised of stripes and I love denim and anything high-waisted. I also love thrift shops like Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange and the Garment District. Additionally, a good portion of my closet consists of men’s clothing. I tend to like men’s cardigans, button-ups and even jackets, more so than what is in the women’s department. A majority of my clothes come from Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Old Navy and a store called Foreign Exchange back home in California. For shoes, I love anything from boots to TOMS (shoes).

CF: What/Who would you consider your style inspiration?

CC: I don’t have one role model when it comes to style. However, Vanessa Hudgens and Alexa Chung are a few influential people that come to mind. Tumblr also influences my wardrobe. I have so much passion that I even run a small fashion blog of my own.

CF: What is your favorite item/accessory from your closet?

CC: Currently, I’d have to say my favorite accessory in my closet would either be my white Converse high-tops or my black infinity scarf. I also believe that nail polish can really add to an outfit, so I’m having fun expressing my personality through with that.

CF: What is one trend you are willing to try this year?

CC: A trend that I’m willing to try out this year is dyed hair. I’m not sure if you’d consider it a new trend, but I recently dyed my hair for the first time and I doubted myself at first. With that being said, I believe hair contributes to one’s style and look immensely. Hair has personality just like any outfit.

How To: To recreate this stylish, layered ensemble, simply start with basic tights, a striped T-shirt and simple khaki-colored shorts. Then wear a classic brown leather jacket, which is an item every girl should have in her wardrobe, and layer another timeless piece on top of that: the camel coat. Finish the outfit with a pair of knee-high brown riding boots, a black infinity scarf and a black satchel. Whoever said neutrals were boring clearly didn’t have these layering tricks up their sleeves.


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