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An all black outfit is always chic and a great out fit to go to. Wearing all black is an easy way to look trendy and put-together even if you don’t feel like putting effort into your outfit for the day. I love how this Fashionista put in her own style into her all black outfit and added brown accessories. Many people believe that black and brown don’t go together, but there are absolutely no rules. It’s trendy and bold to mix colors and color block. A way to add some texture and pattern to a solid black outfit is by having small details such as gold buttons on a high-waist black pant or a subtle cheetah print on flats like this Fashionista; it adds personality.

Name:  Chanel Lilly

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your style.

Chanel Lilly: Words that describe my style are eclectic and fun.

CF: What’s your favorite item in your closet?

CL: My favorite items in my closet right now are my crop tops. I love showing that part of my body!

CF: What trend are you excited about for this summer?

CL: I’m very excited about overalls, they’re making a great comeback!

CF: What trend do you hate?

CL: I don’t really like harem parachute pants anymore.

CF: Where is your favorite place to shop?

CL: My favorite place to shop is Zara, Top Shop and MissGuided. Those shops are a bit pricey for college students, but they have pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

How To: Wearing all black can be easy, but it can also get hard to change up the look. Start by wearing your favorite black top and pairing it with some cute high-waist pants with buttons and a black leather jacket. Now mix in some brown accessories like a brown over sized hand bag and some cheetah print flats to make the outfit more fun and unique.


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