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This Fashionista is in my video news production class as a fellow broadcast journalist. She walked into the classroom and I could not help but to notice her darling and trendy deer-print sweater. This season sweaters are obviously a hot commodity, but they really are so in this season; you can and should wear sweaters with everything. Wear sweaters over your collared top. Wear oversized sweaters layered over your frilly dresses. Wear sweaters with your favorite blazer. Wear an oversized sweater with leggings, knee-high socks and boots. You get the point: sweaters, sweaters, sweaters! Nice thing about that is sweaters will continue to be a fashion trend into the spring 2014 season, so you will not have to put them away when the air starts getting warmer. In addition to this Fashionista’s on-trend sweater, animal print tops are also very in this season. Decide your spirit animal and go find your animal printed on a comfy sweater. The way this Fashionista chose to dress her deer sweater was perfect. Showing your cute socks and wearing comfy heeled shoes are so in right now. Her pants add color and her leather jacket is effortless. Everyone should have a leather jacket; it literally completes any outfit and is so warm. I obviously stopped this Fashionista after class, I had to know where she got that deer sweater.

Name: Cassie Macdonald

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Cassie Macdonald: My jacket is Promod, both my button-down and sweater are from H&M, my backpack is from Nordstrom and TOMS shoes wedges.

CF: How do you pick what you are going to wear everyday?

CM: To pick what I’m wearing, I just decide how cold it is and whether I should wear a sweater or not. Very scientific.

CF: What is your favorite fashion trend for winter?

CM: My favorite winter fashion trend is leggings. Why wear pants when you could wear leggings? 

CF: What store do you spend the most time and money in?

CM: Probably J.Crew or Nordstrom; both places suck all of my extra monies.

CF: How did your own personal style develop?

CM: My own style developed as I got older. The older I get, the more button-downs and chinos I’m wearing rather than hoodies and all-stars.

CF: If you could wear one outfit everyday the rest of your life, what would that outfit be?

CM: It would be a cotton sun dress and Steve Madden flats.

How To: Get an awesome animal print sweater similar to this Fashionista’s! Underneath the sweater wear a chambray button-up – you probably already have one in your closet. Put some cropped colored pants on. You need argyle socks to show off in your wedged TOMS shoes. It’s cold outside! Don’t forget your leather jacket! Now go rock your classes because you are getting good vibes from your spirit animal sweater and no one messes with someone else who is wearing a leather jacket.


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