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As a college student balancing class, work, social life, internships and seemingly non-stop studying, it can be hard to craft an outfit that transitions effortlessly between each setting. Yet this week’s Fashionista does just that. By layering a collared shirt and sticking to a limited palette, she looks sharp enough for work or a meeting with a professor. She keeps the look from getting stuffy, though, with her quirky mixed prints and slouchy beanie.

Name: Carolyne Martins Razzo

Major: Sociology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Where are you originally from, and how would you say that has impacted your dressing?

Carolyne Martins Razzo: Brazil. I think maybe being from another country, dressing is a way that I find to show that I’m not part of the majority. I’ve always loved fashion in general, but I also want people to know that culturally, I’m different. I think dressing might be just a way of showing that. Because I’m so pale, people don’t ever guess that I’m Brazilian, so dressing is another way to distinguish myself.

CF: So what do you look to for inspiration?

CMR: I like just people-watching. So that’s actually a huge thing, just looking at what other people are wearing and thinking, “I like that. I might get that.”

CF: Are there any magazines in particular that you like?

CMR: If I buy a magazine it would usually be Elle. And even though it’s high fashion and I would never actually wear that, it’s more of the concepts. So it’s like, “geometric shapes” or “tight pants with looser shoes.” It’s more of the concepts than the actual stuff. Because if it’s too high fashion I wouldn’t wear it to class.

CF: So where do you find yourself shopping most often?

CMR: Forever 21, and a lot of thrift shops. Cheap stores. I hate spending a lot of money on clothing, unless it’s something very nice and classic that I know I will use a lot. Like I have just normal black leggings, and it’s something so simple, but because it’s so simple, I’ll spend a little bit more money just to make sure it’s quality.

CF: What’s your favorite thing in your closet right now?

CMR: One favorite isn’t even mine, it’s my roommate’s. She has these heeled boots with awesome traction, so you can wear them in the snow! I like wearing those because they make my legs look so long.

CF: Is there anything that you’re excited to wear for spring?

CMR: I have this pair of shorts in my drawer that I haven’t worn yet. They’re high-waisted and made of this purple-blue metallic shiny material. I’m so excited to wear them!

How To: For your own wear-anywhere outfit, start with black jeans and some tough boots. Layer a striped collared shirt under a polka-dotted sweater and throw on a beanie for some warmth, and you’re all set!


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