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Even the warmest of sunny days cannot deter the wear of the color black. Black’s ability to slim the body, accentuate the right areas and look chic 24/7 is many a reason we incorporate it on a daily basis. However, we become so accustomed to its use that to take away such a wardrobe crutch due to temperature is unbearable. We would rather sweat it out and appear uncomfortable than consider any other clothing option.

This Fashionista admits black is her favorite color, but her outfit utilizes it in the most appropriate way to date, based on my observation. She sports a chiffon polka-dot dress that keeps her cool despite the color paired with solid open-toe booties. Gold details in her bag and layered necklaces appears elegant against her outfit’s use of black. Rather than wearing her denim jacket, she ties the sleeves around her waist in a retro manner.

Name: Caroline Hafer

Year: Junior

Major: Public Relations

CollegeFashionista: Who/what inspires your personal style?

Caroline Hafer: Generally, I get style inspiration from the people I’m surrounded by everyday. Most girls get irritated when another copies her look — personally, I regard it as a compliment. Plus, my outfit of the day is occasionally drawn from someone else’s inspiration so it’s funny to see my friends mimic it. 

CF: What types of clothing do you gravitate towards the most when shopping (i.e. color, shape, style etc.)

CH: When I shop, I like to stick to the staples — leather, denim and anything black. A majority of my shoe closet consists of ankle boots, and I’ll choose dresses over pants any day. With all my purchases, I try to invest in a quality piece that will last forever and lives beyond the “current trend of the season” category.

CF: If you could raid anyone’s closet, whose would it be?

CH: For evening wear, I would raid Kim Kardashian’s closet — she has some great Givenchy pieces that would keep me content for a long time. As far as everyday clothing goes, I would have a ball in Olivia Palermo’s closet.

How To: Most of us seek comfort in the staple pieces of our wardrobe. Although there is nothing wrong with that, it can appear redundant when worn like a uniform. Mix it up with prints and consider wearing your clothing in a different manner — this Fashionista’s denim jacket is worn around her waist but could be thrown over her shoulders without the use of the sleeves.



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