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What style lover’s safeguard starts with the letter “e,” takes place on the internet and is available every hour of every day? Why, e-commerce of course! E-commerce, otherwise known as online shopping, can be any Fashionista’s BFF in no time. Getting used to the idea of purchasing items you have never held with your two hands takes time, especially if you’ve never perused an e-commerce domain. Fortunately, one trip to ASOS, Shopbop or The Outnet is sure to cure any skepticism and demonstrate the convenience, leisure and enjoyment of the e-commerce experience. On sites like the ones listed above, three hours can seem like three minutes as the effortless click of a finger allows you browse through incredible volumes of merchandise, with plenty of selections for any and all budgets. As I was talking to this striped-clad Fashionista, it became clear that she’s definitely no novice when it comes to shopping online.

Name: Brigid Trott

Major: Art History

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Do you online shop often and if so, do you always feel confident when it comes to sizing?

Brigid Trott: Yes, I do! Sizing can be tricky and, to be honest, I don’t always feel 100%… sometimes I just hope for the best! When I online shop it’s usually for stuff that is similar in style to something I already own; that way, I know how the cut fits me. Also, I never really purchase anything expensive online, I’ll go into a store for that.

CF: What specific items do you avoid purchasing online?

BT: I avoid buying jeans and jackets online because those things need to fit perfectly!

CF: What are your online shopping destinations?

BT: I love going through Etsy, Free People and Planet Blue.

CF: Those are all very boho-inspired stores! Is that how you would describe your style?

BT: I guess so! I think my style is mainly anything that I feel comfortable and good in, and a lot of that just tends to be things that look bohemian.

CF: What will your next purchase be?

BT: I found a really cute romper on Etsy the other day! I also have this ongoing wishlist made up of images I copy and paste onto a Word document. That way, I remember all the goodies I come across.

CF: What are your plans for the summer and what kind of outfits will you be wearing?

BT: I work at a summer camp, so it’s mainly shorts and nice flowy tops. I’m also a big fan of maxi dresses, maxi skirts and anything else that’s easy to toss over a swimsuit.

How To: This style lover’s look is easy to achieve with the right combination of subtle and statement stripes, a great hobo bag and understated booties for added height and femininity. To transition this outfit into the evening, accessorize with a bold necklace, delicate bangles, a colorful clutch and a lovely springtime lip color!


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