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When a girl walks past me with gold socks and fringe on her sweater, she must be stopped! Today’s Fashionista shows how the savvy take priceless pieces to a new high in their everyday wardrobe. Layered to a T, this Fashionista sports a fringed sweater layered over a black skater skirt, pairing gold glitter knee-high socks with black boots and a gray scarf. She embraces her exceptional style with a look that is sure to draw you in and have you reevaluating your layering skills for at least the next week!

Name: Bria Petty

Major: Education

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: If you could describe your style in three words, what would they be?

Bria Petty: I know that it is like bohemian, kind of street-cred and kind of old timey because I like older things. I like to go thrifting and get older things. I will ask my grandmother if I can borrow what she has from the ’50s and ’60s and incorporate that into my style.

CF: What advice would you give a Fashionista on layering for this season?

BP: I think you have to gradually just take stuff. I just go out shopping, but I always buy stuff that I think is something different. Not necessarily what everyone is wearing, but something that stands out. I bought this because I like how the fringe is laid on this. I just try to buy things that are different, piece things together and make them different— like the glitter and tights to make it contrast.

CF: When you enter a store, what is the first section you go to and why?

BP: I always go to the dark section where there is darker clothing. My favorite color is black. I like to buy dark clothes and then get colorful tights, a scarf or a headband that makes it come out, but I always go to dark colors first.

How To: If you are wondering how to dabble in the matchless, hit up your local thrift store or locate some stand out pieces in your favorite stores that really get your look going. Sweaters can be one of the best tops for this and a top-notch layering bit. Try out a cool skirt to pair with it and get some eccentric tights to add some excitement to your look.


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