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Bold colors aren’t something to be afraid of. Trust me on this, they aren’t going to bite back. Say it with me now, “colors are our friends.” Alright, the last part might’ve gone a little too far. Speaking from experience, I know how easy it is to box yourself in with a standard grayscale wardrobe with the occasional pastel color on days when you’re feeling adventurous. One simple addition of color can instantly change an outfit, and it’s super easy to do once you take the initial step out of your monochromatic habit. In this ceaseless winter, we all need a little color in our lives, and this Fashionista certainly delivers with her bright red jacket that is sure to brighten up any wardrobe slump.

Name: Bailey Saltz

Major: Psychology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: If you could wear one item of clothing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Bailey Saltz: An Hermès or any colorful, silk scarf. It can be worn as a shirt, help dress up jeans and a sweater or add a pop of color and glamour to a little black dress. 

CF: What inspires your style?

BS: I guess some of how I dress comes from my high school’s dress code that basically forced us to dress very preppy. For the most part, my style is inspired by what flatters my body and feels comfortable. I like mixing interesting textures and colors—how a fabric feels is almost as important as its appearance.

CF: I love the bold color of your jacket, what’s your favorite statement color? 

BS: My favorite statement color is, unquestionably, blue. Bags and jewelry look great in lighter shades, but being able to pull off a bright cobalt dress definitely makes you stand out in a crowd.

CF: Which do you rely on most for shopping: boutiques, the Internet or the mall?

BS: I usually rely on the Internet for most of my shopping. I really dislike malls, and websites show you every available size without the messy dressing rooms, annoying lines and the torture of trying things on in front of the unflattering mirrors.

How To: If red is too bright for you, try incorporating Bailey’s favorite statement color, blue,  with this fur-trimmed jacket, or this slightly more practical heavy-duty version. Next, add dark skinny jeans and these boots to complete the look and help highlight your new pop of color!


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