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Dressing up for school can sometimes be a challenge. You go to sleep the night before planning on looking super cute and trendy, and wake up the next morning deciding on comfort. It’s hard enough to drag yourself out of bed for an early morning class, but actually getting out of your comfortable and warm pajamas can be upsetting. But still, us Fashionistas rise up and try to put together a cute look, and I give us all props! This Fashionista definitely caught my eye with her adorable leopard print vest! I’ve always wanted one; they can easily dress up a casual look and you can look effortlessly trendy without having to do too much thinking in front of your closet.

Name: Ashley Pinales

Major: Fashion Merchandising and Marketing

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What’s your favorite trend right now?

Ashley Pinales: I’m really loving printed pants! It’s a great twist on just a colored pant. Add a button-down and a hat, and it just dresses up the whole outfit.

CF: What’s your least favorite trend?

AP: I’m so over the drop waist loose pants. It just looks sloppy and not put together! Why not just wear sweat pants?

CF: If your best friend called you up and told you to be at a party in ten minutes, what outfit would you grab from your closet?

AP: My go-to outfit would be a pair of black faux leather leggings, an orange peplum top, my favorite Anthropologie necklace and some nude platform heels. The black faux leather leggings really plays up my curves while the top makes it more romantic and sweet.

CF: Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

AP: My inspiration comes from my grandmother. I would go to her house when I was little and spend hours in her closet. Imagine a closet filled with European designers and really unique pieces; it was heaven. She had this amazing white fur coat that I would sleep in on the floor. She had five children, but never left the house without looking fabulous and put-together. What I consider to be beautiful is inspired by play days in that closet.

How To: Want to look fierce and comfortable like this Fashionista? Start by wearing a casual white top with your favorite pair of jeans. Then add a cute faux fur, cheetah print vest. Dress up your look with a must-have gold watch from Fossil, and a layered bib necklace. Finally, wear your favorite pair of colored Vans to brighten up your look!


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