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Rugged and grungy is a great look for the winter time. It’s an easy way to layer your pieces without too much coordination. This Fashionista kept her look simple, but mixed up her textures to give off a tough-girl image. I interviewed her to see how her style came about.

Name: Ashley Phillips

Major: Cosmetology

Year: Recent Graduate

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where is it from?

AS: I got most of my outfit from H&M. I went out to Los Angeles and found most of these pieces at the H&M out there. I can’t remember where I got these boots, though. I got them about five years ago. They look better now that they’re old and gross.

CF: What inspires your style?

AS: Through other hairdressers. Most of our hairdressers wear black or white, so I like to wear those two colors a lot because of my job. I typically wear black more than white. Whenever I go to hair conventions I feed off of the styles I see. Honestly, whatever my eyes like, I want to wear it. I’m a very visual person.

CF: If you could shop in any city where would it be?

AS: Probably London. I’ve never been there but I really like their style. They’re classic and clean, but they can also do grungy.

CF: What trends do you predict will be big next summer?

AS: I’m hoping for the jean shorts that are high-waisted, but are looser and not as fitted. They are still fitted, just a little looser. I saw a pair last year that cut up on the sides, but I didn’t see anyone wearing them last year. Hopefully, since no one wore them last year, they’ll be big next summer. I hope crop tops are in style because I really like those. I want to find some cowboy boots, too; not the typical ones but a colorful pair. I’m thinking just a lot of colors, but no more neon. I want to see more natural colors. I really want to see primary colors because red, blue and yellow are my favorite colors. I’ve started to see a lot of striped socks and blocked socks with red, blue and yellow, so I hope to see more of that.

How To: Getting inspired by your colleagues is a great way to find new styles to try out. This Fashionista was inspired by the colorless theme that her workers rock. Her leather jacket is perfect for winter and even better for the look she’s pulling off. It’s a great staple piece for every tough, chic Fashionista. Pair it with a chiffon button-down to show everyone you mean business. The patterns on her pants add a little bit of color that contrast the black theme, giving life to her dark ensemble. Throw on a pair of used boots so you can truck through anything the weather throws at you. My eBay collection will help you save some money on these pieces, so check that out before you go looking on those expensive websites. Don’t forget to #FOLLOWITFINDIT


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