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With another bout of subzero temperatures sweeping through Chicagoland, it’s easy to understand why some residents have taken to completely disregarding their personal aesthetic for the sake of warmth. Nonetheless, others have chosen to let their clothing serve as a spot of cheer to combat the winter doldrums. This week’s Fashionista uses red accents to liven up fitted basics in a way that prepares her to face even the dreariest day.

Name: Aseye Agamah

Major: Anthropology

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Do you have a favorite store or place to shop?

Aseye Agamah: The best place to shop is your mother’s closet. It’s so serendipitous! I went home this break and found seven coats that my mom doesn’t wear anymore, and took them because they’re beautiful. My favorite stores to shop at are Urban Outfitters, H&M and thrift stores. For me it’s not about the place. If I’m walking around and I see stuff in a store and I like the vibe, I’ll go in.

CF: What do you find yourself wearing frequently these days?

AA: These boots are pretty rad, I’ve been wearing them almost every day. High-rise jeans, too. Last year my big thing was blazers, but this year it’s cardigans, so more light layering. Right now, I’m just obsessed with those coats I stole from my mother. They help me look and feel more confident walking around.

CF: Where do you get your inspiration?

AA: My favorite designers are Valentino and Giambattista Valli. I take the details I see on the runway and try to make them my own. For example, in Giambattista Valli I saw all these embellishments, so sometimes I’ll take earrings and things and make my own embellishments on my shirts. I draw a lot of inspiration from Tumblr and on Pinterest, blogs, my sisters… I think what inspires me the most is people and the complexities of them, which mirrors my style because it’s so eclectic, different and multifaceted, like humans, you know? We’re really complex and different. I can never describe my fashion sense as one thing, it’s so all over the place. Everything and anything inspires me!

CF: What are some of your tips for staying warm and still looking good?

AA: Invest in a really nice coat. Say you have a really poppin’ outfit on. No one will know in this weather if you’re wearing a dumpy coat! I know they’re expensive, but you can thrift for some really nice quality ones. I think coats add this elegance that’s so easy. In this weather a lot of layering is important; it’s the time to mix and match and pile on scarves and hats. Have fun with it! 

How To: For your own spin on this classy ensemble, start with a button-up shirt, high-waisted jeans and a basic belt. Add a navy blazer, some funky boots and vintage sunglasses, and finish off with a statement necklace in a color that matches your bright nail polish.


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