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This Fashionista’s layering technique calls for a perfect everyday outfit. Her outfit is casual and well put together. The simplicity in this Fashionista’s outfit and accessories is admirable. Her usage of color and pattern is classy and pleasing rather than overpowering. Her burgundy Topshop sweater looks wonderful with her navy-and-white striped button-up. Her Dublin riding boots are essential for everyday usage. They’re super stylish and will match with anything. This Fashionista’s delicate array of earrings is another great example of how simplicity goes a long way. She mixed both gold and silver as well as added a pop of turquoise in a diamond-shaped stud. The variety of color and shape in her earrings is fun, creative and something you don’t see everyday. This Fashionista symbolizes her elegance and delicacy in her jewelry and clothing with some edgy and trendy fun pieces like her backpack and shoes.

Name: Annie Kleinbaum

Major: Studio Art

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Annie Kleinbaum: I don’t know that I have a finite style. I love more androgynous styles like blazers and button-downs, but my closet is also filled with florals and dresses. Mostly, my style is probably just about simplicity. Most of my closet consists of basics in pretty neutrals. I love to mix these items in simple, clean outfits.

CF: How has your style evolved since college?

AK: I think I’ve gotten to know myself better, so now I’d rather invest in fewer pieces that I know I’ll wear constantly. Most of the colors in my closet used to consist of blacks and grays, but I love to mix in bright, bold colors and patterns now.

CF: What are you looking forward to wearing once the weather gets warmer?

AK: Blue jean shorts! They’re so simple and comfortable, but they still look awesome with everything.

CF: If you had to choose only one designer or brand to wear everyday, who/what would you choose?

AK: I’d probably choose Topshop. They have crazy unique pieces, but also perfect staples like tank tops, sweaters and jeans.

How To: To create a look similar to this Fashionista’s, try layering any solid-colored sweater with a fun patterned top. The added pattern is a great way to show off the variety in your closet and your stylistic preferences.


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