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Here in Seattle, the thrift stores and vintage shops are plentiful. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll see somebody rocking a vintage leather jacket or a thrift store T-shirt while walking the city blocks downtown. Of course, you can find a unique shop anywhere you go, but being from outside of Washington, I notice these special and interesting items even more out here. I spotted this Fashionista on a Sunday morning when we both happened to be catching the same bus. I instantly fell in love with her Sunday morning outfit, especially her casual and unique T-shirt! I loved what she had to say about her style and how she incorporates vintage items into her outfits.

Name: Anna Servin
Major: Journalism
Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Anna Servin: I’m wearing H&M leggings, a scarf and denim shirt. My boots are from DSW and my gray T-shirt is from the Red Light.

CF: I love the way you’ve put this outfit together! How would you describe your style?

AS: I would say that my style leans more toward grunge. I like to be comfortable, and for me that means boots, a band T-shirt and leather or denim. Also, being from the home of grunge, the look comes naturally.

CF: What is a staple piece in your wardrobe? 

AS: Black leggings. I wear them about five days out of the week. Leggings go with everything and are super comfortable.

CF: What trend are you loving right now?

AS:  I really love all the tribal patterns I’ve been seeing lately: shoes, scarves, shirts, doesn’t matter. A well-placed tribal print can make an outfit pop.

CF: Finally, what would you say is the best way to incorporate vintage/thrift store items into your outfits?

AS: Always make it your own! I like to mix genres, like pairing a vintage skirt with a leather-studded jacket. Vintage pieces are typically one-of-a-kind so when you find that one perfect item, you have to work it!

How To: To mimic this Fashionista’s cool, comfortable look, start by heading to a local thrift store! While there, start by looking for old band T-shirts or an interesting jacket. If you’d rather grab a shirt that looks worn check out this graphic tee and this floral one from Topshop! Check out this denim shirt that can be worn easily over just about any top. Lastly, this Fashionista’s boots definitely pull her look together, so make sure to invest in ones you love and can keep for a very long time!


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