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It’s crunch time: The week before spring break, when all the professors seem to have conspired to ensure that each student has a staggering number of due dates with which to fill his or her calendar. Though it’s tempting to dream about the bathing suit you’ll be wearing on the beach next week, inspiration from this week’s Fashionista can help you put together a cool, comfy look that will help you ride out these last few days until freedom is yours.

Name: Anna Ploegman

Major: Art History and French

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Where is everything you’re wearing from?

Anna Ploegman: These socks are my dad’s and these Harley-Davidson shoes are from the Co-op (a free campus clothing exchange). This coat is my mother’s; she got it somewhere in Colorado over 15 years ago. This shirt is from an Avett Brothers concert, the sunglasses are from Nordstrom and this is a Stanley thermos. My leggings are hand-me-downs. 

CF: What would you say is the biggest influence on how you dress?

AP: I wear what I feel good in. I like to be comfortable and wear big things. A lot of times I just get a feeling in the morning—like I’ll put on some music and I’m like, “I want to dress like this song makes me feel.”

CF: So what song did you listen to this morning while getting dressed?

AP: I listened to a lot of Dwight Yoakam this morning.

CF: What inspires what you do or don’t buy?

AP: I like to be able to wear things with a lot of things that I already own, but I also don’t care too much about matching. Also price! It influences what I do and don’t buy.

CF: Where are you from?

AP: Carbondale, Illinois.

CF: How would you say that growing up in the Midwest has influenced your clothing choices?

AP: I think that where I’m from is kind of a different part of the Midwest, because it’s close to the South. So I kind of like to have this easy, bluegrass-y feel to the music I listen to and what I wear. But I don’t think I really dress like other people from my hometown.

CF: Any tips for surviving stressful college weeks in style?

AP: Wear a big shirt and comfy leggings. Honestly, these boots get me through a lot. I’ll feel like crap and then I’ll wear leggings and these boots and then I feel really good. So find some boots that make you feel awesome!

How To: To rock your own “easy, bluegrass-y” look, start with some basic leggings and a favorite band T-shirt. Add some chunky socks and heavy-duty boots for a little edge, then throw on a bold patterned jacket. Grab some shades and your thermos and you’re on your way.


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