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The ’90s tomboy-cool is back, and it’s just in time for the spinoff of Boy Meets World.  Nothing screams Shawn Hunter like a cozy plaid flannel and free-flowing hair. I found this Fashionista shuffling around campus in her easygoing look on a chilly day. With her Patagonia pullover in her backpack, she stood out among a sea of students in sweatshirts and sweatpants scurrying to Starbucks for a warm latte.

Anna’s fitted Michael Kors pants are a classic investment piece, and the gold zipper decal add a touch of femininity. She bought her festival tee after attending Fleetwood Mac’s performance at the New Orleans Jazz Fest.  Her oversized flannel from Walmart and New Balance tennis shoes keep her warm and comfortable for long-distance walking to class.  She keeps it modern with Ralph Lauren cat eye sunglasses and wavy ombré hair.

Name: Anna Kennedy

Major: Child and Family Studies

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Do you use method when you get dressed in the morning?

Anna Kennedy: I walk a lot on campus, and I almost always wear pants and tennis shoes. In Baton Rouge it’s cold one day and hot the next, so I like layering clothes. I like this flannel because it doesn’t have a hood, and I hate wearing a jacket with a hood while I carry my booksack. But most of the time I just wear whatever is clean… I wear basic, solid colors and try to stay away from clothes with too much pattern, like polka dots and stripes, or accents like bows that are too girly. And I have an intense hatred for neon Nike tennis shoes. They’re just too bright!

CF: How do your interests influence what you wear?

AK:  I like my Jazz Fest T-shirt because I really love New Orleans and going to music festivals. I also like living in Louisiana and wearing something specific to my area.

CF: Who or what do you draw style inspiration from?

AK: I really like the blog Ascot Friday. She actually gave me the idea to buy these sneakers. I love that easy-going California style. I adore Stevie Nicks, and her style is kind of witchy, which I love. I stalk clothes with my friends on the Internet, and I definitely trust their opinions. I’ll text them and say, “I’m thinking about buying this.” They’ll tell me if it’s worth the money, or if I should wait for it to go on sale.

How To: Baton Rouge is known for its unpredictable weather. Within a day the weather changes from “Brrr…” to “It’s 85-degrees, and Christmas was three weeks ago.”  This Fashionista can easily transition her outfit for warmer weather by tying her flannel around her waist, pulling her hair into a messy bun and slipping on a pair of fringed cut-offs.


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