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Warm weather has finally presented itself to the Midwest and with that, lots of students have traded their winter coats for lighter jackets. An increase in temperature of any amount is a surprise, but a forty degree day feels like summer to everyone and can seriously affect how we dress for the day. I personally struggled to find an outfit that would keep me warm, but prevent me from over heating. When I saw this Fashionista on my way to class, I had to ask her all about what she was wearing.

Name: Angela Lam

Major: Retail Merchandising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Angela Lam: Scarf from Heartbreaker, jacket and black T-shirt from Forever 21, jean jacket from Nordstrom, jeans Urban Outfitters, boots by The Frye Company and watch by Burberry.

CF: Where’s your favorite place to shop?

AL: Urban Outfitters because it’s affordable, but most importantly because of the variety it offers. I like that the store promotes a type of life style, but buying a top or skirt from the store doesn’t necessarily mean I have that specific style.

CF: How do you describe your style?

AL: I’m not sure if I have a specific style. When I dress I like to layer lots of basics and throw them together with one or two statement pieces, whether it’s accessories or a printed top. 

CF: What’s something you would never be caught wearing?

AL: Work out attire! I don’t like wearing wearing sweats or look like I’m going to work out when I’m not actually going to because I think I look under dressed. 

CF: What’s your favorite season to dress for?

AL: Fall because I can layer all I want and wear tons of boots!

How To: Creating a layered outfit can seem nerve wracking, but following this Fashionista’s way of layering can actually be a piece of cake. Start with a pair of high-waisted jeans, but leggings also work if you don’t have any. This Fashionista’s high-waisted jeans from Urban Outfitters work perfectly with her black T-shirt because they create a base layer for the rest of the outfit. Tucking your shirt into high-waisted jeans also create an illusion that you legs are longer than they actually are, so it’s a win-win situation! Now that it’s nearing spring, a jean jacket is probably one of the best and most versatile outerwear pieces to have because it can be worn during the day, night, formally or informally. Layer the jean jacket over a lighter jacket of a different length. Not only are layers important to add depth, but length is also important to prevent you from looking like you’re growing outward. Any pair of boots will make the outfit look great whether they’re ankle or knee length. Wear accessories of your choice to add some spirit to the ensemble. Finish the last layer with a bold scarf that acts as the cherry on top of a perfect, layered outfit.


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