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There is a certain air of romance and femininity that stems from the bohemian approach to dressing. This femme look has risen in popularity recently and may have its roots in the styles of the ’60s and ’70s as well as a the current obsession with festival style among college students. Whatever the reason, this effortless, chic aesthetic is perfect for a comfortable yet stylish look for class. This Fashionsta wears a pair of wide leg pants with a Missoni-inspired print. A knit hooded sweater with a subtle zig-zag pattern complements the bohemian look. A bright pink cross-body bag contrasts nicely against the cool colors in the pants. Finally, a funky pair of heart-framed sunglasses finishes the look.

Name: Andrea McCarrel

Major: Fashion Marketing & Management

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Andrea McCarrel: My personal style is influenced by my personality as a child. I have one sibling who is an older brother. I used to tag along with him and his friends outside, running around barefoot in my mother’s old ballet outfits. I always try to channel that little girl wearing a tutu in a tree. My style is ultra girly with tomboy elements here and there. 

CF: If you could have brunch with anyone in the fashion industry who would it be and why?

AM: I would choose Kelly Cutrone. She’s an inspiration, a powerful woman and a great publicist. I would love to hear her opinions on the future of branding, where the industry is going, etc.

CF: What is your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe right now?

AM: That’s really hard to answer, but probably any of my Free People dresses. They are so easy to throw on and accessorize. They are a staple within my personal style and definitely will not be leaving my closet any time soon!

CF: What decade most influences your style?

AM: For me, it would definitely be the early 1970s. As I get older, I hope it starts to be more and more influenced by the 1920s.

How To: To achieve the look, start with some flowy wide leg pants with a pattern. Choose a neutral-colored knit top that won’t compete with the pattern of the pants like this sweater from Free People. For added color and visual interest, choose a contrasting cross-body bag. For a final touch of personality and style, try to incorporate some interesting sunglasses that match the color of your bag. Ultimately, accomplishing effortless bohemian style is all about feeling free and not being afraid to mix and match colors and patterns.


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