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Fashion is definitely one of the best creative outlets, but it’s important to maintain balance in an outfit. This Fashionista was spotted wearing a chic, bohemian dress. She displays balance in her outfit by throwing on a camouflage jacket, which adds a casual element to her look. I also adored how she finished off her look with some awesome ankle boots. The suede finish truly makes them appropriate for winter. I especially loved her sheer tights, which are perfect for the unpredictable California weather. Her sheer tights are not only cute, but allow her to wear a short dress in the winter!

Name: Andrea Corrigan

Major: Sociology and Peace Studies

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What fashion trends are you excited about for this coming spring?

Andrea Corrigan: I’m really excited about more natural beauty trends once festival season starts. Hooray for full eyebrows, flower crowns and mermaid hair! 

CF: What are your top three favorite clothing stores and/or brands?

AC: Catbird NYC is definitely one of my favorites. I love their stacking rings and little luxury perfumes. I also love Never Fully Dressed. Lastly, I enjoy thrifting for everything else!

CF: How do you pick your outfits for the day? Do you prepare them the night before or does it depend on how you’re feeling that morning?

AC: My outfits are dictated by my mood! I’m a chameleon. Today, it was a camo jacket. Tomorrow, I might choose some vintage, teal cowboy boots and a gray kimono. But, who knows?

CF: What’s one clothing item you cannot live without? 

AC: I can’t live without my plain black maxi dress. Seriously. I can add jewelry, a scarf, a sweater, a hat and sunglasses. Layers upon layers make me happy! 

How To: Adapt this look in your closet! Camouflage jackets can be worn with many things and you can try adding this one to your wardrobe. Ankle boots can also be paired with any type of bottoms, so be sure to have this cute pair in your closet as well.


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