FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT: Anastasia Tavkhelidze

Fashionista Spotlight

Forethought is easily discernible in the way an outfit is put together. This Fashionista’s outfit is planned perfectly. She uses three colors that are introduced in her pants and highlighted in her jacket, blouse, shoes and accessories. There is also close attention detail; the gold fastenings on her purse match the studs on her wedges. All of the small aspects amount to a gorgeous and chic outfit.

Name: Anastasia Tavkhelidze

Major: Undeclared

Year: First-Year

CollegeFashionista: What would you describe your style as?

Anastasia Tvakhelidze: I would say my style is classy but not too serious and matchy. My friends say that it’s “ready for anything!”

CF: What is your go to outfit?

AT: Light blue ripped jeans, light colored jacket, white blouse, shoes that match the jacket, sunglasses, scarf and a bag.
CF: What is your style philosophy on color?

AT: You cannot have more then three colors in one outfit, and even three is too much sometimes. If your whole outfit is one color, then it is fine to use a colorful scarf and a bag.

CF: What is your fashion rule?

AT: Everything is simple:

1. Scarves and bags need to match, and they always turn a simple outfit into something fancy and interesting.

2. NO mixing styles! Classy shoes with a classy outfit, sneakers with gym stuff.

3. Wear what makes you look better, and what you feel comfortable in. Be a princess when you look in the mirror, and like what you’re wearing every day. Never wear something just because you think its pretty.

How To: The base of an outfit like this is a multi-colored or patterned piece. This Topshop shirt is a great print with green, pink and black. It would look great tucked in to this green satin wrap skirt and light pink jacket on top.


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