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As the weather warms up, this Fashionista is finally able to wear some of the clothes that she is used to wearing at home in sunny Los Angeles. To make her look New York appropriate, she pairs her floral tank with some stylish jeans and booties. She is excited to wear outfits that are in her comfort zone as she sheds the layers and ditches the wool sweaters.

Name: Amitha Kapyur

Major: Disability Studies and Psychology

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are some of your favorite things to wear?

Amitha Kapyur: I like to wear anything that is comfortable but also shows my personality. My go-to outfit would be boots, jeans and a nice top. I always wear long dangly earrings everyday, and I make sure to match them with what I am wearing. 

CF: Is there anyone or anything that inspires your style?

AK: My twin sister gives me a lot of fashion advice, and I love wearing the jewelry that she makes. I definitely look up to her innovative and original style. I also love going on “The Blonde Salad” because it is such a great fashion blog.

CF: How did the change from living in LA to going to school in New York affect your style?

AK: I had to buy a whole new winter wardrobe in preparation for the east coast weather. It was so much fun to look at scarves because I never wore them in LA. Getting matching winter boots and coats was really exciting as well. I am excited that summer is around the corner though because I can pop back in to my T-shirts and shorts. 

How To: First thing to do is grab a pair of jeans! You can find dark wash jeans at American Eagle Outfitters. The next step is to find some cute brown booties. You can find a lot of options at DSW. You can pair this outfit with any floral tank such as this one from Forever 21.


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