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When contemplating sartorial choices shortly after sunrise, I’m sure rolling out of bed dawning your favorite nightgown is a thought that has crossed a sleep-drenched Fashionista more than once. At first glace, this Fashionista displays a fun, casual class ensemble complete with graphic tunic and bright accessories. After talking to her, I discovered her tunic was simply a thrift store nightgown. This Fashionista shows a fun way to spice up your favorite nightie, all while maintaining her vintage-inspired, whimsical style.

Name: Amelia Brock

Year: Senior

Major: Cultural Studies

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Amelia Brock: Iris Apfel’s adage “more is more and less is a bore” sums up my fashion ideology pretty well. I like to layer jewelry, mix patterns and textures and basically find a way to incorporate every piece I want to wear into some semblance of an outfit.

CF:  Where are your favorite places to shop and where did you get your outfit?

AB: I shop at secondhand stores and thrift stores for most of my clothes. I also share a giant communal closet with my roommates so I wear a lot of their clothes. My shirt/dress is a cut-off nightgown from the thrift store, my jacket is a friend’s dad’s from college, my boots are my roommate’s and my bag is Misako.

CF: What are the top three worn things in your closet?

AB: My staple pieces are my jean jacket, brown leather riding boots and an assortment of rings. I like all of these items because they are simple and easy to pair with mostly anything. Jewelry is important to me because it’s a low-key way to personalize any outfit.

CF: Where do you get style inspiration?

AB: I got a lot of my current fashion habits when I started working in a nursing home. The elderly people I worked with loved to have fun with their clothes and wore whatever they wanted. My favorite blog is Advanced Style, which profiles older women and men’s fashion.

How To: In the past few years, neon has become overwhelmingly popular amongst designers such as Rebecca Minkoff and Mara Hoffman. The trend’s end is no where in sight and can be easily sported in an accessory or shoe. This Fashionista chose to couple her love for thrifted threads with a multitude of bright accessories. Layer your favorite oversized T-shirt (or nightgown in her case) over a pair of thick, colored leggings. Throw on your trusty jean jacket and you’re ready to start adding some neon touches. This Fashionista sported a handbag with neon touches and a bright pair of sunglasses. Matthew Williamson offers a wide range of sunglasses, including a neon pink pair. Layered rings and necklaces are another easy way to add depth to a mundane class outfit. Nordstorm has a large selection of stackable rings affordable for the college crowd.


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