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Two weeks until spring break; this means midterms and Miami’s infamous Green Beer Day are all happening within the next two weeks until we are freed from the bubble of Oxford. These next two weeks are always filled with stress and excitement; Miami has been graced with amazing spring weather making focusing on school a challenge. Fashionistas and Fashionistos all over campus are seizing the opportunity to soak up the spring weather while counting down the days til spring break so we can ditch our jeans and T-shirts for a bathing suit paired with the sandy beach. I spotted this Fashionista while walking back from class, she had just come from taking her Art History midterm and still gives us all some inspiration to remain fashionable while getting through midterms.

Name: Amanda Jablonski

Major: Undeclared

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Where is your favorite place to shop?

Amanda Jablonski: I always catch myself spending my free time shopping online on Nordstrom. Where I am from, our mall does not have a Nordstrom which is super aggravating. There’s a store where I am from called Tony Walker and Company, which is where I usually do my shopping because they carry all of the same brands as Nordstrom for the most part and they always have good sales!

CF: Is the style from where you are from different than the style of Miami students?

AJ: Not at all. I am from Buffalo, New York and it’s all about looking super preppy and going out and getting dressed up for fun which you wouldn’t really expect from Buffalo. I think Miami and Buffalo are very alike in how people dress.

CF: What is your favorite spring time trend?

AJ: I love pastels. I don’t know why but I just love all of the pastel colors. I think they’re bright and cheery and remind me of Easter! I also think they are the perfect color for spring time denim. My favorite pair of pastel colored jeans are a robin’s egg blue color. Love!

CF: Tell me about that ring you are wearing?

AJ: Its an un-cut diamond! I am absolutely in love with it, I think its so simple and classy. I jokingly said something about an un-cut diamond to my grandma once and then a few months later she gave me this ring!

How To: Springy and casual are words to describe this outfit. Pair your ever-so-versatile black jeans with a sweater. The ideal sweater for this outfit is one made out linen this material won’t make you too hot during the sunny spring days. The sweater can be any color, but I personally like this Fashionista’s choice of white. She paired her sweater with a bright orange Rebecca Minkoff bag. Make sure your spring time bag and sweater complement each other, and make your bag be the eye catching statement of your outfit. As for shoes, anything goes; spring is all about being stylish and comfy while soaking up the sun!


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