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As awesome as it is to be a redhead, there are also some challenges. After talking for a few moments to this Fashionista, I found out that it’s not always the easiest thing being a redhead when trying to find things/colors to wear that don’t clash with your hair.

Name: Allison Lurz

Major: Biology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where is it from?

 Allison Lurz: The shirt and jeans were from American Eagle and the boots are Madden Girl by Steve Madden.

CF: Is that your natural hair?

AL: Yes! It is naturally this curly, this is my natural red color.

CF: Wow that’s amazing! What do you wear that makes you hair really stand out?

AL: I dress in greens, blues and neutrals to make my red hair stand out.

CF: Are there things that don’t work well with your hair?

AL: Yes, there are some colors that I can’t wear like pink or yellow and especially not orange, they all clash too much with my hair and fair skin.

CF: What colors look best with your hair?

AL: Emerald greens and olive greens look the best with red hair.

CF: Do you have a favorite brand or store?

AL: I like Free People and Tilly’s.

CF: Where/who do you get your inspiration from?

AL: I get my inspiration from past styles, I really like the ’60s and ’70s styles, especially the bohemian aspect.

CF: Are you a mall shopper or a boutique shopper?

AL: Tilly’s and Free People are great, but it is also fun to go through vintage consignment shops. I can always find some fun and different clothing and jewelry in places like that.

CF: What would you call your style?

AL: I would describe my style as modern bohemian, but with always keeping comfort in mind.

How To:  For you red heads out there listen up! To look fabulous and really rock those red locks like this Fashionista, follow these fashion tips! Look for an olive green top. The two different tones of green in this top with help bring out your hair color.  Pair it with a pair of black jeans or slacks. However, for your makeup, try to bring out your fair complexion, with blush. MAC makes some great blushes with many different colors and tones to pick from.


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