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If you asked someone who grew up in the ’80s what they thought about acid wash jeans, they’d probably say they were the! Responsible for outfitting rock bands and now ’80s throwback cover groups, acid wash jeans are ranked seventh on the 80 greatest trends of the ’80s. Twenty-something years later, this week’s Fashionista proves that what’s old is new again and that some trends just never fade.

Name: Ali Moore

Major: International Relations

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionsta: What are you wearing?

Ali Moore: I’m wearing my favorite acid wash jeans from H&M, Vince Camuto combat boots, a BCBG leather-sleeved sweater and Prada sunglasses.

CF: How has your style changed since moving from California to Washington, D.C.?

AM: I would say that my style has gotten a lot edgier since moving to DC; having a winter below 60 degrees has made me dress more urban than in I would in Orange County. I definitely wasn’t into leather, and probably only owned one pair of boots before coming here, but I think I like dressing for cold weather more than sunny weather now because it’s more versatile.

CF: In your opinion, what are the hottest trends this season?

AM: Personally, my favorite trend this season is the variety of leather boots; I love how changing my boots can completely change the look of an outfit. I also love wedge sneakers and crazy Nike sneakers.

CF: Incorporating different trends and patterns into one outfit can get a bit overwhelming; what’s your advice for staying trendy while creating an outfit that also blends well?

AM: I would say that it’s important to stick to the trends that you like the most, and don’t be afraid to include something basic in your outfit even if it’s not the most “trendy.” I think a girl wearing just one or two statement pieces in an outfit can look just as fashionable as someone who is decked out head-to-toe in trendy pieces.

How To: A good pair of acid wash jeans are hard to come by these days, but these Ralph Lauren jeans are definitely the classiest pair of acid wash jeans I’ve seen. The jeans are pretty busy so keep the top simple and chic. For example, a solid top with a leather sleeve is cool and perfect for this outfit. Pair the look with a pair of black boots, some stunner shades and you’re ready to head to class.


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