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Finals week — the only time USC’s campus feels like a ghost town. It’s hard to imagine over 25,000 students disappearing into the silent cubicles of our library, but it’s predictable to expect most of them wearing sweatpants.

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t focus on any study material when I’m dressed for bed. Comfort is key but the phrase “dress for success” has more meaning than its use towards interview prep. Thankfully, there are several students who share this mindset. Festive for spring in a coral print dress, this Fashionista poses for her picture wearing what she wore for her final presentation. Her brown leather tote holds all her study materials like a backpack would. I thankfully got to interview this Fashionista before she set off for an afternoon of intense studying.

Name: Alexandra Whitley

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Describe your personal style in a few words.

Alexandra Whitley: My style is a nice blend of everything simplistic. I like most color and texture but in small doses within each outfit I wear. 

CF: What does your daily wrist party look like?

AW: My wrist party generally consists of a stack of delicate gold bracelets with a colored stone bangle thrown in. For my presentation, I kept it simple with a statement wearing just my watch

CF: Do you have any tips on how to dress during finals week?

AW: I always plan my outfits the night before in case I’m running late or overwhelmed in the morning before an exam. My finals week feels much more manageable when I know my outfit will make me look put together. Frankly, I want to look like I have everything under control, even when I don’t. 

How To: In order to present an A+ project, this Fashionista considers her wardrobe to be a valuable asset towards her final grade. However, there are easy substitutions for someone willing to dress up while still keeping it casual. Consider a pair of fitted jeans and a nicer top over the sweatpants and T-shirt situation. Even a romper is a nice alternative to a dress because it gives the same effect but feels a touch more comfortable to wear. If you do happen to have a presentation or related event with no time to change afterward, pack a pair of flats so you’re not wearing heels all day.


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