Fashionista Spotlight

This Fashionista has a way with accessories! Her rings, bracelets and necklace went perfectly with her overall outfit. Her necklace and American Apparel sweater created a gorgeous combination. The colors of the gems are classy and eye-catching, and really complement her sweater’s pattern.  Her cute high-bun hairstyle and dark red lip color draw the perfect amount of attention to her necklace classifying her creativity with accessories. This Fashionista rocks the super popular Barbour jacket in an army green with leggings, cute Free People socks and some classic mid-calf boots. This Fashionista knows how to stylize current trends to make them her own.

Name: Alex Hagney

Major: Business

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What inspires your everyday look?

Alex Hagney: My everyday look is inspired by my lifestyle. Like any other college girl, I’m influenced by the looks I see on the runway and on fashion blogs. However, I’m all about casual, yet trendy clothes that I can wear in the morning to dance class and still feel comfortable and confident in by the end of the day.

CF: How has your style developed over time?

AH: My style has grown up with me. As I’ve gotten older and have found out more about myself and personality, my outfit choices have been a better reflection of who I am.

CF: What’s your essential winter item and why?

AH: My essential winter item is my Barbour jacket because it is the perfect touch to any outfit. It makes my leotards and tights seem a bit more trendy around campus.

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop?

AH: My favorite places to shop are Urban Outfitters, Free People, American Apparel and lululemon.

How To: Unique accessories will make your outfit stand out. A casual outfit of a sweater, leggings and boots can be amplified with the right statement jewelry pieces! The way this Fashionista mixed and matched bracelets on one wrist really exemplifies her personality and makes her outfit unique.  Lastly, a bold necklace will always be a fun and beautiful way to bring originality and elegance to an outfit.


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