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It is nearly 60 degrees in Provo, Utah! If you know anything about northern Utah, you know winters are cold. Utah is known for its awesome ski resorts and snowfall all winter long, and in some years, even until April. However, it is February, and the sun is out—and it’s hot. Warm weather is exciting, though, because that is when all the Fashionistas come out, like Alayna.

This Fashionista is perfectly boho in her long maxi skirt and beaded headband. She is looking relaxed, yet glamorous at the same time—that takes talent. The boho look a good style to incorporate into your wardrobe. Layering pieces like maxi skirts and dresses, loose tops, lace, and headpieces are boho essentials. Alayna shows us that wearing a boho look is friendly, approachable, pretty and effortless.

Name: Alayna Smith

Major: Journalism

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your outfit today?

Alayna Smith: I chose to wear the skirt, and I added everything else around the skirt. I wanted to wear the skirt, so I just found more boho pieces to go with it.

CF: How would you describe your everyday style?

AS: Just eclectic. I feel like just an incorporation of a bunch of different styles I like.

CF: What is you coolest eclectic piece that you could never get rid of?

AS: My ring I wear on my middle finger that my uncle gave me. It is a Native American ring.

CF: Talking about family, what do you do with clothing gifts from family that you do not particularly like?

AS: I don’t want to say I threw it away, but I just find a way to give it away.

CF: So do you rotate out your closet often or hold on to things?

AS: I try to do a spring cleaning thing where I purge out my closet and get rid of the things I haven’t worn.

CF: Where have you been shopping most lately?

AS: When I go home, I got to Nordstrom, H&M or local thrift shops in Vegas.

CF: One piece of fashion advice—what is it?

AS: Don’t be afraid to dress unique and wear things that you like but are not necessarily on trend.

How To: Alayna’s boho look is a perfect look for spring  and you can even make use of your winter sweaters. First, every boho Fashionista has a dainty beaded headband and long flowing maxi skirt. Next, pair the two with a simple sweater and flats. If you don’t already have those in you closet, this is a perfect black sweater and a pair of fun, black flats.


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