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Anyone else tired of dark neutrals this season? There’s no denying that black-on-black can look effortlessly chic, but every once and a while, a lighter shade naturally captures the same effect. Colors such as beige, light tan and mustard give off warmer impressions, which come in handy during these frigid winter days. One of the better ways to tackle unbearable temperatures is to have the mindset of a spring afternoon, and what better way to spur that way of thinking than by wearing a toasty color palette.

This Fashionista has the right idea when it comes to thinking warm while dressing for winter. Her cream-colored jacket surrounded by her use of dark neutrals acts as the outfit centerfold. It reminds me of warm cashmere and allows her look to visually stand out while still being winter appropriate. The zipper detail on the sleeves are edgy and perfectly contrast against the jacket color. I just had to find out what inspires this Fashionista’s clever style.

Name: Alana Fuscardo

Year: Junior

Major: Public Relations

CollegeFashionista: How would you define your personal style?

Alana Fuscardo: I would describe my style as refined edgy. I aspire to be girly, but some days I want to look like I just stepped out of the skateboard clique in Clueless.

CF: What are your retail resources when you go shopping? Do you buy from specific stores for certain purchases?

AF: I shop at H&M, Zara and Forever 21 for easy every day pieces. When I’m feeling grungey-skater, I turn to PacSun or Zumiez. I recently been shown a store called Need Supply Co., where this jacket and purse came from, and now I want everything they have. It’s like a cooler version of Zara. When it comes to shoes, I buy from either Aldo or H&M because they’re the only stores that frequently carry size fives!

CF: Do you have a winter style/outfit combo you’re currently obsessed with?

AF: To battle the cold, I’ve been obsessed with big coats, scarves, beanies and heeled booties. I’m really into army green and leather combos lately, as you can tell by this outfit.

CF: Would you say your personal style has changed over the years, specifically since being in college?

AF: YES! In high school, I wore sweatpants pretty much every day, and now, I only have one pair here at school with me that I wear to bed. I’ve definitely come into my own since attending college. I love taking risks and trying new things. I just bought my second snap back and can’t get enough! My friends at home would NEVER have imagined me in that three years ago.

How To: Extreme contrasts are fashion forward, but should be done tastefully for the best result. As this Fashionista has done, try pairing a dark scarf against a light shade of a different color. An article of clothing with a sweet disposition in color and a hardcore detail on the surface can also accomplish this contrasting effect. Accessorize with a shoulder bag similar in color and shade to your outfit’s focal piece. If you’re looking to step this look up from casual to next level chic, opt for a black heeled bootie with some gold hardware.


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