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Not everyday you stumble upon a fashion photoshoot in the middle of Red Square. The vibrant colors and beautiful detailing of the high-fashion clothing caught my eye from afar. With my curiosity I learned that this was no ordinary fashion shoot. This shoot promoted specifically sustainable but high-fashion wear for endangered animals. This unique Fashionista is not only passionate about her style but also wildlife, which was significantly attention grabbing.

Name: Ava J Holmes

Major: Environmental Studies and Communications

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

AJ Holmes: I am wearing a “Blue Morpho Butterfly” inspired dress designed by Seth Aaron Harper from season seven of Project Runway. In addition to some tights and my roommate’s ankle boots. 

CF: What inspires your style?

AH: Endangered animals. How they are threatened on the daily inspires me to wear this kind of attire because it raises awareness. As for raising awareness, there will be a wildlife-inspired runway show on February 28th at seven o’clock at the HUB Grand Ballroom! 

CF: What is something essential in your everyday closet?

AH: Black tights of all types. It can dress up or dress down any outfit, especially to what I am wearing today. 

How To: Even though if this Fashionista’s dress is one of a kind, you can still get this look easily. Have an old high school dance dress you never wore again after that night? Wear it again with some signature black tights and black ankle booties to complete this photoshoot-ready look or even everyday casual look.


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