Fashion From Abroad

Many apologies for the absence of a post last week — my trip to Italy and Spain for fall break coincided with a brief but unpleasant illness, not in the least conducive to Fashionista hunting. Lucky for you, I’m back this week with a look that is perfect for a day of sightseeing in the crisp autumn air.

Fall is my favorite time of year to play tourist; the summer travel season is over and the crisp weather is perfect for exploring. Whether you’re taking a short day trip off campus or discovering a foreign country, comfort is key. If you’re tottering around in spiky heels or underdressed and freezing to death, a miserable day is guaranteed for all. Providing a contrast to this unpleasant image is this week’s Fashionista, who has nailed a look that is equal parts fabulous and practical for a long day spent on foot. A loose, long-sleeve T-shirt, black skinny jeans and simple ballet flats provide ultimate comfort, while a sleek leather jacket with fur accents will keep you warm in the cool fall air. A black shoulder bag that zips shut keeps travel essentials like a camera and wallet safe, while a bejeweled statement collar adds a hint of glamour to the daytime look. Even if you're only heading out of your city for a few hours, a thorough study in this Fashionista's style will guarantee you look like an international style icon.


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