Fashion From Abroad

As my amazing semester in London is just about over, I am reminded of the culture shock I experienced in terms of fashion between the UK and the US. Although I am of course stereotyping, and there certainly are very well dressed Americans, I cannot pretend I was not shocked at the level of sophistication and constant seemingly effortlessness of the Londoner’s dress. This was especially jarring in terms of men’s fashion. Instead of seeing a swarm of Sperry’s, classy wing-tipped shoes graced the sidewalks. I also cannot complain about the amount of printed and colorful socks the Lon-dudes rock on a daily basis.

What gives me hope about returning to the U.S. is seeing an American student dressed to the nines on a random Thursday afternoon. Instead of going the safe route with his ensemble, he has added such flair with his newsboy-inspired cap. His peacoat ensures an air of sophistication and of being totally put together, while still keeping him warm. With the final addition of some nice, shiny dress shoes, this American can mingle with the Londoners no problem!

While I am aware my reverse culture shock heading back to America in a matter of days will be severe and probably quite disheartening for me, I am comforted by the sheer fact that those who have traveled have soaked up all that different cultures have to offer, including the fashion!


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