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I guess time truly does fly when you are having fun! It is almost December, which means I have been a resident of Barcelona for quite a while now. One of the great things about spending more than a few weeks in a new city is that you are able to explore many different types of “scenes” that the place has to offer. For instance, I just discovered the Catalan hipster scene about a week ago. I had no idea that this country even knew what hipsters were. While studying for one of my classes, I ran into this Fashionista and awkwardly stared at her for a good 10 minutes. I was immediately drawn to her satchel that I have seen many locals wear and realized that her tomboy-esque look was something I have not featured since being abroad. This trendsetter’s plaid hoodie and Ray-Ban glasses are a prime example of how you can be true to your own identity and be chic at the same time. This Fashionista’s look also reminds me of the various girls in Barcelona who are able to skateboard and the look that comes with it.

These past seasons, many different designers have put an emphasis on the “tomboy department.” One of the great things about this broad trend is that there are many different ways you can seek it out but be true to yourself at the same time. For instance, Chloé and Diane Von Furstenberg have put an emphasis on wide trousers in the past season.

To get this Fashionista’s look, pick up your own pair of glasses and virtually any flannel in your closet. The one item in particular that I would love to purchases is her cross-body bag. This tan color is very versatile and can be easily dressed up and down. So remember when you are trying to find the inner tomboy, make sure to choose items that best suit your own personality.


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