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One element about European fashion that I have really come to appreciate is the way that they wear what I would consider “a going out” ensemble during the day, and it’s perceived as entirely normal.

I spotted today’s Fashionista on one of the busiest shopping streets in Sevilla. I’ve received very mixed reactions from Sevillianos as I approach them about a “blog de moda,” but today’s Fashionista could not have been more enthusiastic, which makes it that much more fun.

As prevalent as the tights trend is at home, you can multiply that by ten to imagine how many tight-covered legs there are running the streets here. I love the risk this Fashionista took with a maroon shade. The color pops in an unexpected way when paired with the black skirt and gray top. Patterned tights, colored tights and ripped tights, they are all over the place and they really pull together an otherwise fairly boring outfit. I have always been one to stay as far away from them as possible unless absolutely necessary, but being here has totally changed my view on this.

If you are anything like me in this department, I strongly encourage you to change your opinion and work the runway with your favorite pair of tights next time you get the opportunity! They go great with dresses, skirts and even shorts. If you are ready to be really daring, rock them during a casual day to class or the library.

I also adore her brightly colored scarf. The color goes perfectly with her maroon tights in a slightly surprising way. The combinations give off a “mix and match” vibe that I love.

My favorite part about the entire ensemble is the mix of colors with the solid hues. I am a repeat offender of wearing colors together that don’t naturally match but end up looking good to me, so I love when Fashionistas share this same quirk!


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