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Europeans know their scarves. I am not sure how or why, but it seems as if they have been able to master this trend. While having the opportunity to travel throughout Europe, I have come across different scarves that legitimately cannot be found anywhere else. One of the things that I have noticed are the different ways these trendsetters are able to pull off this accessory so well. Although I am able to do a couple generic styles, there are so many different ways that can help mold an ensemble that stands out.

When I spotted this Fashionista, I fell in love with virtually everything about her outfit. The one item in particular that I loved was her scarf and the way she presented it. A scarf is one way to pull together an outfit and help make it that much more cohesive. A scarf is a great focal piece and really helps bring an outfit together. This chunky scarf seems to be a must for this upcoming season and I think that the way she mastered this knot is something that we should take note of. I believe that her knot in the front gives this look an edge that really wouldn’t be accomplished in any other way.

A different way to master the knot in a unique way is the “wrap and tie.” In order to accomplish this, you place the scarf at the front of your neck with the ends over your shoulders, then cross the ends and bring them to the front. You then tie the sides in a knot at the front of your neck.

So when it comes to the cool season, note that a scarf is the perfect accessory that serves many purposes. It also would help to check out different ways to master the knot in your own way!


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