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Everybody has their own signature style. With this style comes the associated “signature pieces”. For Carrie Bradshaw, it is that memorable ballerina skirt from the opening scene of Sex and the City. For Hilary Clinton, it is a pantsuit of every color of the rainbow. In my case, it is double-pocketed button-downs. The great thing about having a signature style or piece, is that no matter what, you have a go-to item in your repertoire. If you are pressed for time or simply out of imagination that day, you know what works for you.

I found this week’s Fashionista on her way out remarking how she had no time to get ready in between class, so she just decided to “thrown on” a red trench to add some flair. This idea of having a piece you can just “throw on” and instantly have a look in which you are feeling stylish and comfortable, is something we all aspire to have.

Although everyone has those pieces they buy with haste and promise themselves they will wear, it seems that most of the time, those items gather dust in the back of your closet. In college, the “closets” supplied at school usually don’t leave much room for things to gather dust. When shopping and packing for school, try and remember about go-to, signature pieces. When trying something on, think about if it requires you to continuously pull it down or up, re-hook a clasp or button, in this case, you will either never wear it or never feel good while wearing it. Also consider what you could pair the item with that you already own.

For many, their go-to item is a pair of jeans that fit just right. Or, maybe it's some shoes that don’t pinch your feet, but still look like a million bucks and just so happen to go with EVERYTHING. See what you find that you just can’t live without and rock your signature style, because it is only yours to rock.



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