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One of my favorite things about Barcelona thus far is probably getting lost. It sounds like a nightmare, but this is how I have found local spots and have gotten to know this city better. One spot in particular is this indie cafe that plays such ideal music. I am so paranoid that other people will find about this haven that I don’t want to post the name of it.  This place brings in a lot of different Fashionistas and Fashionistos who seemed to be really into the art world. While I was walking out of the café, I spotted this Fashionista getting off of her bike. I was immediately attracted to her brown ensemble and how her vintage bike matched so eloquently with her polka dot jacket.

When talking to this Fashionista, she told me that she purchased the jacket at a thrift store and the rest of her ensemble was from Zara. One thing that many European trendsetters have been able to master is the art of intertwining vintage pieces with contemporary items as well. One of this Fashionista's favorite past times is to go to different vintage shops and flee markets in the area. This is where she found her polkadot jacket, which is a trend anyone can accomplish in their style.

The polka dot pattern perks you up pretty much instantly! This retro pattern will spark up any outfit, which is also why I adore this trend. The polka dot trend first circulated in the 19th Century in the United Kingdom and was very common for different children's toys and clothes. But do not let this stop you from forming your own love with polka dots in a more sophisticated appeal! For instance, designers such as French Connection have brought polka dots to everyone’s favorite little black dress. One of my favorite things I have seen recently are tomboyish pieces, such as sneakers and jeans, matched with polka dots. It is also fun to see how this trend can intertwined into your style such as blouses and maxi skirts. 


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