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Women love shoes. Everyone knows this. But Spanish women really love their shoes. Wedge-heeled sneakers, spiked suede slippers, knee-high leather boots and Doc Martens grace the streets and store windows of Barcelona.

When I was running some errands and picking up school supplies, one Fashionista’s shoes caught my eye as I was crossing the street. I shifted directions and chased after the gold-embellished ankle booties. After speaking with her, I learned she bought them from Zara. This surprised me. I thought for sure they were some one-of-a-kind designer kicks, but she found them in the same superstore where she bought her sweater. But alas, Zara is a brand that doesn’t discriminate against socio-economic status, and it produces a variety of clothes for any occasion. Just look at Barcelona-based blogger Fashionvibe, who features the brand in several posts.

Other thrifty high-end stores popular here in Barcelona include Mango, H&M, Bershka and Blanco; the latter two are staples of Spain. There are multiples outlets of the chain stores literally feet from each other in certain shopping districts near the city center.

I should really give some credit to the guys here as well. They know their shoes just as well as the women. Perhaps even more. I think that is what really separates men’s fashion here from the States. Spaniards just understand footwear. They often wear dark hues in their clothing choices, so an eclectic shoe really makes them pop. Hopefully in the future, I can feature a Fashionisto displaying an example of this.

Until then, you don’t need an inheritance to find upscale shoes. Just step into the nearest Zara, and a slice of shoe heaven isn’t too far away.


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