FASHION FROM ABROAD: Winter Wonderland

Fashion From Abroad

The year is coming to an end. The weight of finals has at last been lifted. Winter break is the perfect time to relax and use your creativity to create fun and new outfits. Everyone should take after this Fashionista and create a look that everyone will notice. My eyes are directly drawn toward this Fashionista’s tights. The maroon color is perfect for the season. This color has been everywhere lately, like this sweater at Urban Outfitters. If you are looking for a pair of tights to spice up your outfit with a design like her’s, check out American Apparel. It has a plethora of colors to choose from.

This Fashionista also chose to combine a shirt with a sweater. I recently fell in love with this trend because you can look very classy with a tweed skirt, but also comfortable with a slouchy sweater. Having two different textures on the top and bottom make this outfit visually appealing. In addition, you would think that adding another pattern to the mix would be too busy, but this Fashionista rocked it with her scarf. It is a piece that will not only keep you warm during this chilly weather, but also a statement piece that complements the color in her tights.

I cannot talk about this Fashionista without making a statement about her booties. They have the ability to change a simple outfit into something stunning. They are a casual black leather that can be worn with any outfit combination you can think of. Next time you don’t know what shoes to wear go for a heeled bootie. Now, with the end of the year celebrations, style an outfit with texture and a nice maroon piece to add the perfect color to your ensemble for the season.


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