FASHION FROM ABROAD: Winter Wonderland

Fashion From Abroad

Living in New York is not always easy!  Between the crowded groups of people to the crazy weather, sometimes figuring out what to wear can be a tough decision. One thing is for certain though; you can never go wrong with red lipstick.  What this Fashionista does well is she allows a touch of color to distract from the bland, white background (which some might call a “Winter Wonderland”).

The weather can make some of us a little stir-crazy. I for one hate feeling trapped up in my house all day knowing that all the stores and restaurants are closed due to the “weather hazards.” However, despite feeling a little down, it’s always good to spice up a casual outfit consisting of leggings and sweatshirts with a cute jacket and booties.

This Fashionista was just abroad in Madrid, Spain, so she does not love the cold chill coming up north.  She makes the best of it by using her hand-knit headwrap, which she purchased during her travels in Europe. However, you can find one very similar at your local Urban Outfitters.

On the other hand, it’s always good to be prepared. By using her Longchamp tote bag, this Fashionista keeps all of her goodies safe and sound.  Much like a mailman, she is prepared for any weather condition from snow to sleet to hail!

So remember, don’t let the weather prevent you from looking your best. Be confident in your style and choices to make sure that you stand out no matter how gray the skies are!  Just don’t forget to be reasonable in your choices of accessorizing; we’ve all seen how a lady looks in the rain without an umbrella!


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