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On the most beautiful day in London since September, I spotted these two ladies enjoying the mild temperature and the clear, sunny skies. They caught my eye from a distance when all I could make out was two moving fur coats and high-heeled boots. It wasn’t until they got closer that I realized that they were in fact twins! It’s an irrational connection to make, but since being in London, my early and ongoing obsession with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen has grown stronger, and these Fashionistas are definitely channeling the familial fierceness that the Olsens have maintained since their You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s days.

Although their outfits are similar with their black Chelsea boots, short fur coats, oversized bags and skinny pants, their outfits are individually cool and exude different vibes. The Fashionista in the brown fur coat has a more posh look, typical of the crowd seen around the tents during London Fashion Week. Her coat, paired with leather leggings and a gator skin bag, creates many different textures, making her dark-colored outfit dynamic, sleek and flattering. Lastly, the hint of red in her lips softens her overall look, while simultaneously adding some color.

Whereas the Fashionista on the left goes for a sleek, polished look, her sister chooses to create a more casual look; the downtown to her sister’s uptown. Pairing her black fur coat with distressed, black skinny jeans, brown and green slouch bag and hat, she creates an instantly cool look that appears to be effortless, yet still refined. Whereas her sister chose to add a hint of color with her lipstick, this Fashionista chose to go with red nails and minimal makeup.

Both Fashionistas look amazing in their own right, but the site of seeing two friends, or in this case sisters, moving through life swagged out together, is incredibly inspiring. It’s proof that what we do and wear registers with and influences those around us. Furthermore, and more importantly, it is the visual manifestation of what happens when we keep pushing each other, not only through our sartorial choices, but in general. It’s easier to look and be awesome when you surround yourself with awesome people!


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