FASHION FROM ABROAD: While Roaming Rome…

Fashion From Abroad

Throughout my travels abroad, I am amazed at each cities’ street style. Though it varies from place to place based on weather and individuals’ personalities, I now know in each city I travel to I am sure to find numerous Fashionistas with fantastic style. Taking bits and pieces from each individual’s style in various cities is one way I love to change up my wardrobe.This allows me to remember each city I visited while abroad through clothing that eventually will help to evolve my own personal style.

This Fashionista’s style stood out to me while traveling in Rome for several reasons. The architecture and history within the city is breathtaking. From the Spanish Steps to the Colosseum, the historic theme was consistent throughout and I could see the history translated in this Fashionista’s outfit. The rustic color scheme of her outfit inspired by Rome itself is perfect for the transitioning weather.

My biggest challenge while traveling throughout Europe is what to pack for each city. Luckily, the weather in Rome is pretty consistent to the weather in Florence, which is my home for the four months I am in Europe. As the temperature begins to warm up (finally!) it is reflected in each Fashionista’s outfit. Although it is getting warmer it is still not summer by any means, which is why this Fashionista’s outfit is the perfect attire! The layering of a sweater over a more summery, flowy dress mixed with a pair of mid-high combat boots is the ideal way to adjust to the mid-season weather.

As mentioned before, I love to take pieces from each individual’s style when traveling. I am sure my style will be influenced by this historically translated outfit to remember my travels by!


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